Our Materials

From us to you

Crafted with care

All of our pieces are crafted by our family-ran partners in Thailand. Over the years we have developed a strong relationship so that the quality we desire and expect is understood and therefore delivered.

All of our pieces offer a lifetime guarantee because we trust that our jewellery will be loved for many years to come. We hope you love your pieces as much as we do and they live through the ups and down that we call life.

A headshot of a woman on a FIYAH photoshoot, holding her hands up to her face whilst wearing a FIYAH Silver Adjustable Claw Midi Ring, and a FIYAH Adjustable Healing Ring - Amber

Precious Materials

Gold, silver, and gemstones are our pieces of our worlds natural beauty. We sculpt our designs around these beautiful materials and they are then casted into FIYAH jewellery pieces. Only use the most precious metals to make our jewellery.

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Yellow and White Gold

Our beautifully glowing 9ct and 18ct solid white and yellow gold jewellery is hallmarked in the UK by the Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office in London.

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A close up image of a woman with her hand up to her face wearing a FIYAH Adjustable Rose Gold Clover Charm and Crystal Ring and a pair of FIYAH Rose Gold Clover Charm Stud Earrings

Rose Gold

Rose gold's unique and romantic colour intensifies with age, while the red and pink hue appeals to all genders and compliment all skin tones.

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A close up of a woman wearing a FIYAH Silver Angel Wing Necklace

925 Sterling Silver

For style and quality we us sterling silver, hallmarked as FIYAH 925. We additionally plate some of our silver pieces with rhodium to prevent oxidation and maintain the precious metal.

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We are more than just jewellery. We are FIYAH.


Natural Gemstones

Within our unique collections, such as our Zodiac rings, we inset the silver bands with natural precious and semi-precious gemstones and crystals including sapphire, garnet, topaz, ruby, opal, amethyst, and aquamarine.

Others are inset with stunning clear quartz, rose quarts, amber, turquoise, and hematite - gems with age-old spiritual significance. Each colour has a powerful astrological meaning and each stone a story to tell from when it was made in the Earth’s crust the dawn of time. Select pieces are inset with natural brilliant diamonds.

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