About Us

Who is FIYAH?

Based in Manchester, we're all about creating special, everyday jewellery made from high quality materials. Since 2015 we have been designing and creating pieces that are crafted to last for many years to come. Jewellery is so much more than something you wear it's reflection of who you are, how you see the world and what you wish to give back. Create your own story with our symbolic and flawless jewellery.

Our Mission

We aim to create unique high quality jewellery designed to be worn every day for many years to come. Our pieces carry style and beauty making them perfect additions to your jewellery box.
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Our pieces are different, each piece is carefully designed by us for you. We don't follow the crowd, we spend time on each design to ensure we move forward with the perfect piece. In order to be memorable we must always be unique, it runs at the heart of FIYAH.

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We believe in creating special pieces crafted from only the highest grade materials. We only work with 925 sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold. They are designed to last for many years to come.

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We're passionate about empowering and celebrate individuals through our symbolic pieces. They are made especially for you, to make you feel strong and powerful. And they also look great!

From Concept to Product

From our head office in Cheshire, we conceptualise and manage a growing range of symbolic yet fashionable jewellery that provide style and meaning to modern life. We grow our product range through the passion and love we hold for elegant jewellery. We will always remain true to our values: unique, quality and empowerment. We love as our customers become part of the FIYAH family and it is the reason we love what we do.

Beauty and love is everywhere if you know where to look...

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Meet the Team

We are a group of real people who love what we do. We are proud of where we are and excited for what is to come. As a team, we're always striving to be better and learn new things along the way. Praising our team is important and also is recognising our mistakes, as we are all only human.

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Our Responsibility

Every piece from FIYAH has been crafted from the worlds most precious metals. In doing this, we must be kind to our environment. We work closely with our partners in Thailand in keeping with the Responsible Jewellery Council’s guidelines.

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