Materials – FIYAH

FIYAH: more than material wealth

Precious use of a priceless planet

To make a material difference

Gold, silver, and gemstones come from the heart of Mother Earth. When they are forged together in Fiyah jewellery, you can be sure the custody of our planet is at the heart of the spirit in each piece. Because the Earth is priceless, and so are you.

Precious metals

Pure and Sterling Silver

For hardness and durability, sterling silver is the more practical choice than softer pure silver, and we hallmark it as FIYAH 925. We additionally plate our silver pieces with rhodium to prevent oxidation and maintain the precious lustre.

Rhodium plating

Rhodium is a rare Earth element from the same family as platinum, and is one hundred times more expensive than silver. Rhodium is also prized because it's highly reflective and hypoallergenic. The Fiyah sterling silver and rhodium-plated collections are made to last a lifetime. And beyond.

'Yellow' Gold

We cast jewellery in both 9ct and 18ct solid yellow gold pieces which are hallmarked in the UK by the Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office in London. We also plate sterling silver with yellow gold so all budgets can wear this stunning colour. Yellow gold never loses its hypnotic lustre and ancient gold artefacts dating back thousands of years looks like they were forged yesterday. Fiyah yellow gold is the jewellery of eternity.

White Gold

Our 9ct and 18ct solid white gold jewellery is similarly hallmarked in the UK by the Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office in London. We also plate sterling silver with harder-wearing white gold so all budgets can enjoy the beauty of this alloy made from gold, palladium, and silver, which we coat in enduring rhodium.

Rose gold

Rose gold is so durable it doesn’t need protective plating. Its unique patina and colour intensifies with age, while the red and pink hue appeals to all genders and compliment all skin tones, when the calming nature of rose gold suggests a blush, compassion, and warmth. Its vintage and retro appeal, from 19th century Russia and famed Faberge Eggs, make it the metal of choice for both brides and grooms when it makes stunning contrast in crystals and diamonds.


Natural gemstones and crystal

Within our unique collections, such as our Zodiac rings, we inset the silver bands with natural precious and semi-precious gemstones and crystals including sapphire, garnet, topaz, ruby, opal, amethyst, and aquamarine.

Others are inset with stunning clear quartz, rose quarts, amber, turquoise, and hematite - gems with age-old spiritual significance. Each colour has a powerful astrological meaning and each stone a story to tell from when it was made in the Earth’s crust the dawn of time. Select pieces are inset with natural brilliant diamonds.

Modern flawless crystals

Cubic zirconia are semi-precious gemstones which are virtually indistinguishable from diamonds, scattering rainbow light in all directions from these multi-faceted stones of near-perfect clarity. When arranged in rows and clusters, they are simply stunning jewellery insets created from sustainable naturally occurring minerals.

 For the flash of pure and perfect colour, we adorn our Feather Birthstone rings and Success and Honour Birthstone ranges with flawless Swarovski crystals to capture the celestial significance of each hue and shade. Swarovski crystals are an affordable means of pairing gold and silver settings with a brilliant prism of crystal colours from non-depleting mineral sources.

You are more precious to this world than you'll ever know.