The Birthstone Collection

Perfect for birthday celebrations, our Adjustable Birthstone Rings are made from hand-finished sterling silver. The feather ring features a Swarovski crystal in a choice of colours, bringing your loved ones special day to life.

Each piece of jewellery from the Birthstone collection is carefully packaged in a luxury FIYAH jewellery box with a single, soft white feather and a 'Feather from an Angel' poem card.

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    Birthstone Rings

    Bring your loved ones' special day to life with Birthstone jewellery. The perfect meaningful and personalised gift for a friend, family member, colleague or a treat to yourself to celebrate a special moment in life.

    Each piece of jewellery from our Birthstone ring collection is made from 925 sterling silver and hand finished with a stunning, sparkly coloured Swarovski crystal of each birth month of the year.

    Birthstone Jewellery

    Celebrate your birth month or that of a loved one with meaningful and sentimental birthstone jewellery.

    The FIYAH Birthstone Collection is made from 925 sterling silver with individual coloured Swarovski crystal gemstones unique to their month.

    Birthstone jewellery has been worn since the 1600s and became more popular in the early 20th century. Birthstone jewellery can include precious stones, semi-precious stones such as coloured Swarovski crystals and synthetic "lab-created" stones.

    Birthstone History

    Birthstones can be traced back to ancient history, where it was believed that wearing your birthstone, especially during its given month helps to provide good fortune and health, boost healing and gives protection to the wearer.



    Depending on the month you were born, you will have an accompanying birthstone. Each of the twelve months of the year has one - or in many cases several - birthstones attached to it. 

    Discover each of the twelve birthstones and the meaning behind their assorted range of characteristics, qualities, and properties. 

    A woman wearing the FIYAH Birthstone Jewellery Collection Birthstone Rings
    A woman wearing FIYAH jewellery

    Buying a Birthstone Ring for a Gift?

    Birthstone jewellery is sentimental, carrying the story of birth to each individual.

    Ring Size

    Our birthstone rings are all fully self-adjustable, meaning that they are suitable for any finger or thumb size. Gently adjust the ring to your chosen finger or thumb size while it is being worn.

    Birthstone Rings by Month

    Discover more information about your birthstone.

    Birth Month Gemstone Alternative Gemstone Gemstone Colour Birthstone Ring
    January Birthstone Garnet  Red crystal Deep red Shop the January Birthstone Ring
    February Birthstone Amethyst Purple crystal Purple Shop the February Birthstone Ring
    March Birthstone Aquamarine Light blue crystal Light blue Shop the March Birthstone Ring
    April Birthstone Diamond Clear crystal White - clear Shop the April Birthstone Ring
    May Birthstone Emerald Deep green crystal Deep green Shop the May Birthstone Ring
    June Birthstone Pearl White crystal White Shop the June Birthstone Ring
    July Birthstone Ruby Red crystal Red Shop the July Birthstone Ring
    August Birthstone Peridot Green crystal Light green Shop the August Birthstone Ring
    September Birthstone Sapphire Blue crystal Deep Blue Shop the September Birthstone Ring
    October Birthstone Opal White/Pink crystal White/Pink Iridescent  Shop the October Birthstone Ring
    November Birthstone Topaz Orange/Blue crystal Light Orange/Blue Shop the November Birthstone Ring
    December Birthstone Tanzanite Purple crystal Light-Dark purple Shop the December Birthstone Ring