The Feather Jewellery Collection

Feathers appear when angels are near...

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    The Feather Symbol

    What do feathers symbolise? White feathers are symbolic of a feather from an angel and a sign of protection from a loved one and a guardian angel.

    White feathers are thought to bring peace, love and protection to the recipient.

    Finding a feather is believed to be a gentle reminder that your guardian angel is protecting and guiding you on your path through your journey of life.

    The gift of a feather can often help with grief, bringing peace and love to a person in mourning.

    Feather Jewellery Gifts

    Gifting feather jewellery can make a loving keepsake for the wearer, acting as a reminder of a loved one.

    Feather jewellery makes the perfect gift for a friend or family member who is going through a difficult time and will help to serve as a reminder that they are always being protected and guided by their guardian angel.

    FIYAH Feather Jewellery for Women

    Our Feather Jewellery collection features beautiful pieces infused with meaning.

    Each piece within this collection is made from high quality, tarnish free 925 sterling silver. This collection was one of our first collections here at FIYAH and remains one of our best-selling collections containing feather rings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets.

    About our Feather Jewellery Collection

    "Feathers appear when angels are near"

    Each piece of jewellery from our Feather Jewellery collection is made from 925 sterling silver and comes complete with a Feather from an angel poem card and a single pure white keepsake feather, packaged with care in our luxury jewellery gift boxes.

    The FIYAH feather poem card reads: "A feather from an angel is one we rarely see, But this one is quite different, And as special as can be"