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Discover Clear Quartz: The History & Meaning of the Clear Quartz Gemstone

Discover Clear Quartz: The History & Meaning of the Clear Quartz Gemstone

Clear Quartz is one of the most popular Quartz crystals and is found in abundance worldwide (even in your garden!). Its colourless and transparent properties beautifully reflect the light, and its powerful healing energy is often used to strengthen the effect of other crystals.

This beautiful crystal is a wonderful birthstone for those born in May, as it's known for having high vibrations, which can help clear the mind, body, and soul and help align the wearer with themselves. This magnificent crystal has been used in jewellery making for many years due to its unique attributes.

In this guide, you'll learn all you need to know about Clear Quartz and the different ways this May birthstone can enhance your wellbeing.

A woman wearing a light cream top and the clear quartz ring and necklace from the FIYAH Healing Stone collection

What is Clear Quartz?

Aside from being one of the most versatile healing crystals, Clear Quartz is an organic form of silicon dioxide. Clear Quartz can develop in a whole range of environments and is found on every continent. 

Quartz crystals come in many different forms and are formed in igneous rocks (geodes) or geothermal waters. Geodes are rounded-looking stones with a hollow interior where the crystals form. They don't look like much on the outside, but they're filled with sparkling crystals on the inside. Quartz forms as magma cools down, with a slower cooling process, resulting in bigger crystals. 

The History of the Clear Quartz Gemstone

For thousands of years, Clear Quartz has been a widely popular gemstone. Due to its abundance across the world, different cultures have their own mythology related to this stone. Here's an overview of how Clear Quartz has been used and viewed throughout history. 

How was Clear Quartz Used Throughout History?

Ancient Egyptians used Clear Quartz to carve amulets that were buried with the dead, so the power and beauty of the stone could be admired by the dead in the afterlife. Ancient Egyptian high society often wore Clear Quartz for its cooling benefits, and Sacred Fires were often lit using this crystal to show gratitude to the gods. 

Ancient Greek philosophers, like Theophrastus, believed that the transparent stone was a form of permanent ice that was so cold it never thawed. There is evidence that suggests Clear Quartz has been a celebrated gemstone since the time of Plato, born in 427bc. 

Native American Indians and African tribes have also used Clear Quartz to help with meditation, enhance spiritual growth, and experience the powers of healing and warding away evil. 

Where Does the Name Clear Quartz Come From?

Also known as Rock Crystal Quartz or Pure Quartz, this beautiful gemstone has been celebrated for thousands of years. Named after its translucent lustre, the term 'Quartz' comes from the Greek word for 'ice'.

The Spiritual Meaning and Health Benefits of Clear Quartz 

A woman wearing the FIYAH silver and clear quartz adjustable ring and necklace from the Healing Stone collection

Here are some of the key healing traits and characteristics of this May birthstone

Enhance Your Bio-Magnetic Field

Holding a Clear Quartz crystal in your hand is said to increase your bio-magnetic field. This enhances your muscle definition and offers protection against mild radiation. The stone is good at removing static electricity, which can impact the flow of energy around the body. 

The Stone of the Mind

This master healing stone has a very strong vibration. It can be used to balance and realign many different energies in the body by enriching our mental ability and dispelling negative emotions. The stone is said to help focus the mind by enhancing concentration and the ability to focus.

Bring Balance to Your Life

Clear Quartz is a power crystal that can bring harmony and balance to your life. It helps to regulate universal energy by absorbing, amplifying, storing, focusing, and channelling it through our bodies when required. This excellent stone can also help to purify ourselves across all levels; spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. 

The Clear Quartz Gemstone and Your Chakra 

Clear Quartz is said to be a perfect solution for those needing clarity of the mind. This beautiful crystal will help eliminate energy blockages and enable the energy to flow freely around your body, aligning your chakras and allowing you to feel your optimum self. 

The high energy presented by a Clear Quartz gemstone can energise and balance all your chakras but is most closely associated with the third eye and crown chakra, as it nurtures spirituality and overall wellbeing. If you're susceptible to headaches, a Clear Quartz placed around your home can help to relieve the symptoms. 

Clear Quartz reflects the full-colour spectrum of light. It can be used as a focal point for your concentration, adjusting to new and challenging situations, and regulating emotions by storing and releasing energies.  

How to Clean and Cleanse Clear Quartz Jewellery?

A close up of a womans hands wearing silver rings from the FIYAH Healing Stone Collection and Uncut Gem range

Frequently cleansing your crystals is a great way to remove any negative energy attached to them so you can keep enjoying their benefits. When it comes to Clear Quartz, there are several ways to purify this crystal and keep it sparkly clean:

Water: Soaking your Clear Quartz in water is one of the best and most common ways to cleanse Quartz. Let your crystal sit in a bowl of warm water and wash it with a soft brush. You can also leave your Clear Quartz out during a heavy rainstorm to cleanse the stone. 

Moon Light: Leaving your Clear Quartz under a full moon is one of our favourite crystal cleansing methods. Leaving your crystals on a windowsill or as close to the earth as possible is a sure-fire way to remove negative energy and recharge your stone.

Sage or Palo Santo: These plants are extremely powerful at cleansing negative energies. You'll need a metal bowl to get started. Place a smoking sage stick in the bowl and gently start moving the Clear Quartz crystal through the smoke a few times. 

Find Harmony in the High Vibrations with Clear Quartz

Are you ready to find balance and harmony in your life? Then Clear Quartz could be the perfect option! At FIYAH, we've curated a beautiful collection of jewellery featuring the stunning Clear Quartz crystal! Check our complete  and discover the true healing power of this enchanting gemstone.

Clear Quartz Jewellery

At FIYAH, we use the clear quartz gemstone within one of our best selling jewellery collections, The Healing Stone Collection. Discover the collection today and find the perfect natural gemstone set jewellery for you.


A woman wearing a light cream coloured top and the FIYAH silver and clear quartz ring and necklace from the FIYAYH Healing Stone collection


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