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Top 5 Facts About the Zodiac Star Sign Gemini

A close up of a woman wearing the FIYAH Gemini zodiac ring, holding her hand up to her face

The third astrological sign in the Zodiac, Gemini, represents those born between May 21st and June 20th. Those born under this star sign are masters of perfectly adapting to their surroundings and different energies.

There are many excellent and exciting qualities associated with the Gemini Zodiac. In this blog, discover the top five facts so you can get to know this intelligent star sign.

A close up of a woman wearing the FIYAH Gemini zodiac ring, holding her hand up to her face

#1 Pearl is the Birthstone of Gemini

Pearl is regarded as one of the most beautiful birthstones on the planet, with its milky white features symbolising transparency and self-determination. Pearls are one of the oldest minerals on earth and have been thought to bring a Gemini good fortune and confidence for many years.

In ancient times, people believed that Pearls were frozen moonbeams that touched the ocean’s surface. Over the years, pearls were traded for other items and soon became a sought when embedded into beautiful ornate jewellery pieces.

FIYAH silver adjustable Gemini zodiac star sign ring

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#2 Gemini’s are Skilled at Mirroring Energies

Geminis are equipped with high emotional intelligence and can easily read the tone and atmosphere of the room, including the different energies radiating off individuals. Having this ability to spot different energies always means a Gemini can perfectly adapt to their surroundings.

Depending on their mood, it’s not hard for a Gemini to shift their personality. However, this doesn’t mean they are afraid to voice their opinion when they disagree with someone. Often, a Gemini will use their curious nature to learn how a person operates to find the best way to communicate with them.

#3 The Twins Symbolise the Gemini Zodiac

Gemini was associated with the “Great Twins” in Greek Mythology, known as Castor and Pollux. The twins shared the same mother and two fathers. Castor was mortal, and Pollux was fathered by the God Zeus, making him immortal. 

The twins lived a long and happy life, sharing adventures and exploring the world together. However, when Castor passed away, Pollux was distraught and begged Zeus to help him be with this brother again. Instead of killing Pollux, he decided to make Castor immortal, so he transformed them into the stars where they could forever live together as the constellation of Gemini. 

Two women wearing all zodiac rings for the FIYAH zodiac jewellery collection

#4 Gemini is the First Air Sign in the Zodiac

Gemini is the first of four mutable signs in the Zodiac and the first of three air signs. These mutable star signs hold the elemental energy for change and are perfectly capable of adapting to the different seasons. Geminis will also likely find a like-minded connection with fire signs, as they find it easy to understand their active and kindred spirit approach to life. With their agile and intellectual nature

Being an Air Sign, a Gemini can share ideas with rationality and creativity, whilst the light energy encourages curiosity, often fleeting when they get the answer. However, this curiosity makes a Gemini genuinely interested in what’s happening in people’s lives and heads because people have so much to offer. 

#5 Mercury is the Ruling Planet for Gemini

Mercury is an airy, gaseous planet associated with the inflow and output of knowledge and intelligence. The planet has no problem bringing out the curiosity in a Gemini. Mercury’s energising nature will always propel you to move forward in life, no matter the situation.

Communication is closely associated with the airy planet of Mercury, which is why Gemini is often skilled with their words. Mercury also represents analytical thinking, intelligence, rationality, and adaptability, all traits that a Gemini often possesses.

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