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Top 5 Facts about the Zodiac Star Sign Capricorn

Top 5 Facts about the Zodiac Star Sign Capricorn

The tenth astrological sign of the zodiac, those born between December 21st and January 20th, are Capricorns! 

It's said that those born into the zodiac of Capricorn become fully grown adults by the age of six and are destined to be hard workers with a clear sense of duty and responsibility.  

In reality, there are many exceptional and exciting qualities associated with Capricorn, so we've put together the top five facts so you can get to know this ambitious star sign.

Star signs

#1 Garnet is the Birthstone of Capricorn

Garnet is not one single gemstone but is a group of minerals found in abundance worldwide. There are six types of Garnet, which all come in a range of beautiful shades and colours, but most commonly red. Those born in January are lucky to have such a varied gemstone attached to their birthday!

The name Garnet derives from the Latin word "Garanatus", which means "seedlike". Experts believe this refers to the pomegranate and the vivid red seeds they hold within. This beautiful stone is generally regularly used in jewellery making due to its firm structure.

Check our stunning sterling silver Capricorn zodiac ring set with a deep red Garnet style crystal - making it the perfect addition to any jewellery collection.

#2 Capricorn's Take Time to Trust

It can take Capricorns a while to warm up to a person, but once you're in their circle, they're incredibly loyal. This star sign requires reliability and security in their relationships, so they wait until a person has proved themselves as trustworthy before letting them close.

It generally requires effort for a Capricorn to fall in love with someone. It's not uncommon for them to appear awkward or uncomfortable when faced with romance. However, when they're ready to commit, they generally take pleasure in fulfilling their partner's needs in the relationship.

#3 The Planet Saturn Rules Capricorn

Saturn and Capricorn go hand-in-hand and are astrological peas in a pod. As the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn enhances what this star sign has to offer whilst playing by the book.

Saturn is the planet that represents limitations and encourages self-discipline, punctuality, and conservation. Those born in this sign are said to have strong morals and prefer to base opinions on fact instead of hearsay and conjecture.

Saturn is also known to have a "dark side", which is said to represent the cold, standoffish nature of a Capricorn, who can take time to bond with and get to know people. 

#4 Capricorn is Associated with the Skeletal System and Joints

Whilst astrology can't replace medical science, in ancient times, doctors believed that the zodiac signs influenced certain parts of the body. In the case of Capricorn, it rules over the body's skeleton and connecting joints.

Satisfied with a life built on structure, Capricorns are all about creating solid and reliable foundations in life - just like the purpose of bones in the body and the joints that get us from A to B.

#5 Capricorn is the Father of all the Zodiac Signs

As previously mentioned, Capricorn is the tenth house (out of twelve) of the zodiac. Generally, signs towards the end of the zodiac are said to be associated with wisdom and maturity.

Compared to the attributes tied to conventional fatherhood and that of a Capricorn, there are a lot of similarities. For example, fathers are seemingly said to remain calm even during more challenging times, just like the personality traits of a Capricorn. Additionally, Capricorn's are believed to be goal-orientated, hard-working, and reliable individuals who support those close to them when they need support and advice.

Capricorn Jewellery

Zodiac and Star Sign jewellery make for the perfect personalised and meaningful gift to a loved one or special someone. Our Capricorn ring is made from sterling silver and features the Zodiac Capricorn symbol and a beautiful deep red garnet colour crystal. This Capricorn Star sign ring is an open ring, meaning it will fit any size, so you don't need to worry about knowing the finger size of the recipient. 

Each ring from the Zodiac collection comes complete with a Star Sign message card and luxurious jewellery gift box. Additional gift wrapping is also available, making this the perfect personalised gift suitable for any special occasion. Including Birthdays, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Graduation, Christmas and 'Thinking of you' Gifts.