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FIYAH: Cross Culture Jewellery

A Hoard of Ancient Symbols 

FIYAH jewellery crosses borders, to heal, support, give hope, and rejoice. But above all we aim to bring people together across cultural divides. Gold, silver, and gemstones have no nationality or geopolitical agenda. They are pure of heart, ancient in spirit, and they beautify everyone, everywhere and everywhen. We make cross-cultural jewellery to celebrate life in all its diversity, faiths, colours and creeds, so that FIYAH living emotion jewellery can be embraced by all who shares our values.

These are some of our universal designs.

The Hamsa

The Hamsa Hand, also known as the ‘Hand of the Goddess’, depicts an open right hand and has been a popular amulet in the Middle East for millennia. This palm-shaped talisman is believed to ward of the malicious Evil Eye as well as boosting fertility in women, while in the Far East its symbolises chakras or energy flow in the body. This true pan-cultural symbol is full of ‘sympathetic magic’ designed to protect and bring luck. 

Silver Hamsa necklace

Feather and Plume Designs 

Feather jewellery beckons protective angels to watch over you and provide loving reminders of those no longer with us. Plumes resonate with love, guidance and support and dispel negative energy. Feather jewellery encourages awareness of a spiritual world and represents the freedom to fly and soar above the earthly realm. It’s intimate, personal, and empowering in times of hardship and loss. Feathers offer the subtlest touch of hope and healing in simply beautiful pieces that match any clothes and occasion.

3x Feather Plume Rings Diamond Set Feather Ring

Chinese Lucky Coins 

Chinese Lucky Coins feature both the influence of heaven - depicted by its circular shape - and earth - which is represented by the square punched out in the middle and which gives is its distinctive three-dimensions allure. Adorned with Chinese characters with auspicious meaning, they are ancient talismans of prosperity and abundance and considered to be one of the Eight Treasures of Life inscribed on charms and art. 

Chinese Lucky Coin Earrings

Leaf Designs

Infinitely varied, the complex shapes of leaves have been transformed into captivating jewellery, blazing green, orange, yellow and russet brown as the seasons change. Falling and budding leaves complete the circle of life, while garlands woven of leaves are the ultimate recognition of achievement and victory. In ancient cultures, people wore leaf-design jewellery to feel closer to nature, to celebrate victory, and for the simple beautify of their form. The laurel leaf wreath, in particular, is an ancient symbol of honour and success.

Woman wearing a FIYAH silver leaf birthstone ring


Ancient wisdom is the root of Native American culture in which dreamcatchers were born. Styled as circles with protective webs, they represent the cycle of life and each reborn day. Hung on cradles and beds as protection, their webs catch bad dreams and harm in the air, while letting positive dreams glide down the feathers to comfort the sleeper below. This talisman would banish nightmares, while the first rays of the morning sun burn up the trapped, negative intruders. Dreamcatcher jewellery remains an alluring symbol of positive energy and protection and the webbed circles are potently beautiful. Wear or gift it to signify an attachment to the spiritual world of dreams.

Nazar Eyes

In ancient times Nazar amulets were believed to avert the Evil Eye. In modern cultures their power persist as a symbol of protection against ill-fortune, as well as a symbol of good health. Traditionally blue in colour to symbolise truth, it radiates positive energy and can bust curses and malevolent thoughts. The Nazar stare is itself is a bewitching fashion statement harking back to the dawn of civilization.

 Nazar Eye necklaceNazar Eye pendant

Crocodile Imagery

Crocodiles in art have multicultural meanings: they can symbolise change or a new beginning and warn of unseen danger lurking or bad advice ahead. Some believe crocodiles contain the souls of ancestors and others see the predator as a sign of independence, stealth and efficiency. The Aztecs and Mayans believed the crocodile was a fertility goddess who helped form the earth. This powerful and spirited animal relies on primal instincts and acts as a talisman for you to do the same.

Crocodile ring on womens finger