The Split Stone Ring

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This beautiful FIYAH ring is cast in sterling silver with a rhodium coating and holds two halves of a cubic zirconia that has been split down the middle. It is adjustable to fit any finger.
I wanted to make a ring with the features of a traditional diamond ring but with adjustable sizing so that anyone can order it with confidence, for themselves or someone else. The result was The Split Stone Ring, which looks traditional with a modern design twist, as the stones do not touch so that the ring can be closed or opened as the wearer pleases.
Perfect for every day use whether at a formal event, on the streets or just to feel good at home!
The FIYAH 925 imprint is on the inside of the ring and it comes in a deluxe FIYAH ring box.
This is top quality jewellery that comes with our 100% guarantee of satisfaction. We stand behind everything we sell, if you are not 100% satisfied with your FIYAH purchase, you can return it for a replacement or refund.

Materials - Sterling Silver and Rhodium

Size - Adjustable to fit any finger

Style - Split Stone Ring

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