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Caribou Ring

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The Caribou Ring is cast into the shape of reindeer (known as caribou in North America) antlers that wrap around the finger or thumb. The name caribou, meaning "snow shoveler", refers to its habit of pawing through the snow for food. Of all species in the Cervidae family, only caribou have antlers on the females.

Reindeer symbolise wisdom, resourcefulness, cleverness, knowledge, creativity and inventiveness. They are honoured for their nobility and representing a continuation of the tribe.

The FIYAH Caribou Ring is adjustable to fit any finger, so you don't need to worry about size when ordering online.


Materials - Sterling Silver, Rhodium

Weight - 5.9g

Hallmark - FIYAH 925

Style - Antler Ring

Sizing - Adjustable 

Width - 22mm (altered with adjustments)

Height - 23mm

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