Alchemical Earth Pendant

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Alchemy is the art and science by which the chemical philosophers of medieval times attempted to transmute the baser metals into gold and silver.

Alchemical Earth is the symbol of life. All life.

The other elements (water, air and fire) are life forces too, but Earth is the accommodator:

Earth Accommodates Other Elements

  • She allows great swaths to be sliced from her body as she yields to the waters of our world.
  • She communicates with the air and without the Earth; air would be a lost and sorrowful daughter.
  • Fire lives in the belly of Earth, and could not consummate without the foundational spark originating from Earth-based matter.

Within these contemplative contexts, we sense all threads of life are first woven with the fibre of Earth.

Furthermore, this interconnectedness reminds us not only is the Earth a stabilising and a wholly physical symbol, but it also represents a network.  Earth is synonymous with belonging. She represents community and tribal wisdom. Earth is the embodiment of the concept of HOME.

The Alchemical Earth pendant Comes in Sterling Silver or Gold Plated Sterling Silver.


Materials - Sterling Silver 

Weight - 4g

Hallmark - 925

Style - Alchemical Earth Pendant

Width - 40mm

Height - 40mm

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