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A Guide to Bereavement Jewellery

A Guide to Bereavement Jewellery

Discover How Bereavement Jewellery can Help you After the Loss of a Loved One

Losing a loved one is akin to losing a part of yourself. We’re left with a gaping hole in our lives that’s simply impossible to fill. It’s in these difficult times that we seek comfort from numerous sources. While some turn to friends and family, others embrace memories and find their own way of channelling their grief. This is where bereavement jewellery can help.

What Is Bereavement Jewellery?

In the aftermath of a death, bereavement jewellery has many roles. And the importance and details of these roles will always vary from person to person. Some may find that their bereavement jewellery UK is akin to keeping their loved one’s memory alive and that wearing it with pride signifies that their legacy will live on. For others, it’s a way of keeping their loved one close, and providing comfort during these difficult times, not just in the present but for years to come. While some individuals wear their bereavement piece as a mark of respect and to illustrate to others that they’re grieving the loss of a loved one. Just like its significance can have multiple personal origins, so does the shape and design of bereavement jewellery. Individuals can choose from a wide variety of styles and materials that suit their lifestyle and easily find the right piece that they can channel their grief, memories and their emotions into. Necklaces or a bereavement bracelet, bereavement rings, earrings and even anklets can be worn with a loved one in mind, bringing the wearer comfort and solace as they grieve. Ultimately, can enrich your memories and help you to channel those feelings of loss and anguish into something beautiful that not only helps you mourn but will also fill you with hope and peace.

Woman smiling and wearing FIYAH silver dual plume feather earrings

How Can Bereavement Jewellery Help?

We’ve touched briefly upon the purpose of bereavement jewellery, so we must consider how these priceless and unique pieces can genuinely help those who are dealing with a loss. Again, the support derived from these beautiful pieces of jewellery is entirely subjective, yet numerous underlying factors make jewellery such a powerful, emotionally reflective piece. Let’s take a closer look.

It Has Healing Qualities...

Whether the loss you’re struggling with is fresh and your life has been turned upside down, or you’re several months or years into your grieving process and the loss is still raw, grief and sorrow will always take their toll. Your physical, mental, and spiritual health are always strained during the grieving process and this is one of the reasons why bereavement jewellery is considered to be so valuable. Whether you choose a pendant necklace adorned with angel wings and feathered plumes that helps you remain connected to the angelic realm, or you wear a bereavement bracelet, peppered with healing gems and stones, many individuals draw great strength from spiritual symbols and consider gem and birthstones to possess certain healing qualities that induce comfort and protection during this difficult period.

Two women holding hands and wearing FIYAH jewellery from the Plume collection

It Can Bring Grieving Families Together

Sadly, not all grieving families rally together once they have been rocked by the death of a relative. Whether it was an unexpected loss or your loved one succumbed to age or illness, in some cases, there can be anger, frustration and unpleasant words exchanged in the heat of the moment. For other families, they may find themselves unable to communicate and as a result, relationships break down without obstruction. Again, this is where jewellery can help. When you and your loved ones choose a piece of bereavement jewellery to wear in solidarity, to share your grief and to keep the legacy of your loved one thriving, it can rebuild those fractured relationships and strengthen the all-important bonds that make family so important.

It Can Be A Focal Point For Your Grief

When we experience a tragic loss, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Lives have been turned upside down, and it’s hard to imagine the pain you’re experiencing will ever fade. While it’s true that these feelings never truly go away - we simply get used to them - having an outlet to channel your grief and anguish into, can make a substantial difference to your overall wellbeing. A carefully selected piece of bereavement jewellery serves as the perfect vessel to charge with your emotions and your grief. A piece of jewellery that you can create a spiritual connection with such as a bereavement bracelet or necklace can serve as a focal point for your feelings and it can be used to support yourself through the difficult journey ahead.

FIYAH feather rings and pendant on display

It Keeps Memories Alive

We all want to be remembered in some way, and your friend or relative will have wanted the same thing. For many individuals struggling through the bereavement process, the idea of forgetting the happier times, the sound of their loved one’s voice or the way they made them feel, can exacerbate their feelings of anguish and even instil a sense of fear that they’re losing control over their own treasured memories. A beautiful, unique piece of bereavement jewellery is the perfect way to keep those memories and your loved one’s legacy alive. You can choose something small and subtle such as a simple, yet elegant chain, a bereavement ring adorned with a symbol of something that reminds you of them, or a subtle bereavement bracelet bursting with spiritual energy. Bereavement jewellery is also the perfect trinket to pass down to future generations, keeping your loved one’s memory alive for decades to come.

It Keeps A Loved One Close

Perhaps one of the most common factors behind this kind of jewellery is the desire to keep the loved one you have lost, as close to you as possible. The right piece of bereavement jewellery will bring the wearer comfort and solace. Whether they’re wearing a bereavement necklace close to their heart, a dainty bracelet on their wrist or an ornate bereavement ring that catches the sunlight. Wearing jewellery either as a personal statement or collectively with friends and family means keeping your loved ones close forever.

Ladies hands wearing a silver feather ring

What Kind Of Bereavement Jewellery Can I Choose?

We all have different tastes, and during a period of great emotional upheaval, you must find the piece of jewellery that’s right for you, your journey and the memory of your loved one. Bereavement jewellery comes in all shapes and styles, so no matter your lifestyle, your look or your spiritual or religious beliefs, sourcing the right unique piece doesn’t have to be a long, complicated process. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types.

Bereavement Bracelets

A bereavement bracelet is a simple yet elegant piece that many people choose thanks to its versatility and simplicity. Sharing your journey through the grieving process and channelling your energies into a beautiful bereavement bracelet is incredibly popular. And it’s not just delicate, feminine pieces that you’ll find, many corded or leather bereavement bracelets are the perfect choice for keeping your loved one close as you navigate your way through to enlightenment and peace. You’ll find these styles are the most popular:

Charm Bracelets

The most beautiful thing about charm bracelets as a form of jewellery, is that you can continue to add additional charms, evoke a sense of enlightenment, and essentially add more memories and keepsakes to your bracelet as time goes by. From angel wings and feather plumes to doves and even crystals with healing properties. Personalising your bereavement bracelet makes for a very personal and intimate bereavement piece, you’ll take great comfort from.

Corded Bracelets

Corded bracelets are hard-wearing, durable and available in a multitude of colours and even charm options. Evoking strength and yet emotional anguish, corded bracelets are a better solution for those who don’t want to wear metal and for those who prefer an adjustable option.

Bangles/Traditional Bracelets 

From chain designs, peppered with charms and memories to delicate, adjustable bangles that are bursting with spiritual energy and meaning, many individuals derive peace and comfort from a subtle bereavement bracelet around their wrist or ankle. Keeping their loved ones close forevermore.

Bereavement Necklace

Bereavement Necklaces can evoke joy, comfort, and help you to channel the heartache that you’re enduring every single day. Having your loved one’s memory close to your heart, having it to hold and to draw comfort from can give you strength and in turn, strengthen your broken heart. Many individuals choose bereavement necklaces of an identical or similar design to wear in unison with their friends or family members, as a way to unite them during their grief. Whether you want to wear yours as a personal tribute or you’re looking for the right piece of bereavement jewellery to wear collectively, consider these options:

Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces are unique, heartfelt tributes that can cover a wide range of emotions. Perhaps you want to honour your loved one’s memory by wearing a charm that reflects their connection to the spiritual world such as a moon, dreamcatcher, or feather plume? Or maybe you want to celebrate their life with an Ankh pendant or the Hamsa Hand? Whatever you choose you’ll have an abundance of options and will be able to take great comfort from your final choice.  

Simplistic Chain Necklaces 

For some, a piece of bereavement jewellery doesn’t have to be abundant with symbolism or memories, instead, great comfort can be brought by wearing a simple, elegant chain. Of course, charms can be added if they wish, but being able to choose from a selection of diverse chain styles including, Box Links, Round Links and Curb Links, means there’s something to suit every spiritual journey. A remembrance necklace is a beautiful, subtle way you can commemorate your loved one. Whether you choose a pendant design or a delicate chain, you’ll be able to decorate your remembrance necklace with whatever design means the most to you during this difficult time. From angel wing plumes, that help you feel spiritually connected, to a stylised option that makes the perfect piece of remembrance jewellery for dad, you can wear this as an intimate and private remembrance piece or choose something that other friends and family can wear in unity.

Bereavement Rings

Wearing a memory around your finger is one of the most effective ways to keep your loved one eternally close to you. Again, groups of friends and family members may go down the jewellery path as a way to strengthen their bonds and unite them after a loss, with bereavement rings being an incredibly popular choice. With bereavement rings you can enjoy variety, adjustable options and high-quality materials, so whether you want to wear your bereavement ring every day or you intend to pass it on to your own children decades from now, your chosen piece will still evoke the same sentiment and emotional attachment from the moment you placed it on your finger to the day you pass it down. The most popular options include:

Healing Rings and Stones

Bereavement jewellery can evoke a sense of spiritual healing and boost your overall wellbeing during this difficult time. And choosing a bereavement ring adorned with healing stones and spiritual crystal scan guide you on your spiritual journey, giving you strength as you navigate your grief.  

Symbolic Rings

As well as wearing a remembrance ring with a direct spiritual connection, other bereavement rings can be worn with specific symbolic importance. Whether your loved one had a love for music or an affinity for a particular flower or perhaps you want something that keeps you connected such as a set of angelic wings, rings that are heavy with personal symbolism are a wonderful tribute to any lost one.

Adjustable Options

If you have your heart set on handing down your jewellery to the next generation, then an adjustable bereavement ring means no difficulties with sizing or even the risk of losing the ring itself. Making it the perfect way to keep those memories alive and their legacy living on for generations to come.

Bereavement Earrings

Bereavement jewellery in the form of a stunning pair of earrings is a practical and popular choice amongst many individuals and groups. If you’re considering an understated and delicately subtle tribute to a loved one, then a set of beautiful earrings will meet all your requirements.

Bereavement Studs

Delicate and minimalist, a stunning pair of stud earrings to wear every day serves as an artful tribute to your loved one. When you choose studs, you can select a symbolic reference that makes them special and unique to your current situation. From hearts to angelic wings, they also make wonderful gifts for those who have recently experienced a loss.

Bereavement Drop Earrings

If your taste in earrings is a little more vivid, then a pair of drop earrings, crafted in a shape that represents your journey through grief, such as angels’ wings or feather plumes, could be a wonderful choice. Not everyone wants to wear their bereavement jewellery all the time, and they may prefer to wear it during specific occasions such as family events.

The variety of bereavement pieces available ensures that no spiritual connection or memory is left behind. Helping you take a step closer to acceptance and maintaining those cherished bonds between you, your loved one and the family they left behind.

Lady wearing a FIYAH silver crystal feather ring

What Kind Of Bereavement Jewellery Is Right For Me?

Now you know the different types of bereavement jewellery that are available, understanding what kind of jewellery is right for you, is your next challenge. Finding the right piece isn’t something that can be easily rushed into. Mourners are encouraged to try a little soul searching, listen to their heart and consider what kind of tribute speaks to them on a spiritual level. Other factors should be considered when choosing your jewellery, so let’s explore these now.

The Budget Available

You shouldn’t have to put a price on preserving the memory of your loved one or trying to retain your connection with them. However, you’ll be pleased to know that most forms of bereavement jewellery are crafted with inclusivity in mind, and you’re sure to find something that matches your spiritual requirements and your budget, no matter how modest it might be. Budget is something you should also keep in mind if you and your friends or family members are hoping to wear matching tributes in unison to strengthen the bonds you share. If some individuals are priced out of the chosen bereavement jewellery, then it will only diminish its spiritual impact and could create a sense of animosity amongst those left behind, something which your loved one wouldn’t have wanted.

Your Everyday Life

Whether you’re considering a bereavement bracelet, necklace or a bereavement ring to express your permanent connection to your loved one, if your chosen piece doesn’t fit into your current lifestyle then you may find yourself struggling to make a spiritual and enlightening connection to it. When choosing a bereavement bracelet, you should always consider how it will fit into your daily life. For example, if you have a hands-on job, you may find your bereavement ring at risk of becoming damaged, or if you’re wearing a bereavement bracelet, it could become broken. Are you likely to take off your bereavement piece to complete a task and then potentially forget to put it back on? All these scenarios could spell disaster for your wellbeing and even setback your journey through grief. Keeping your lifestyle in mind when choosing bereavement jewellery means a stronger spiritual connection to your piece and the comfort and support you’re looking for.

Your Personal Look

If you’re choosing your own piece of bereavement jewellery, then choosing something that matches your personal style should come naturally to you. However, if you’re planning on choosing something that friends and other family members can wear in unison then you may need to discuss potential options further. For example, if your sisters are hoping to wear matching bereavement rings, yet you find that necklaces and bracelets are more your style, then you’re going to struggle to make a connection to your jewellery. Matching bereavement pieces should evoke a sense of compassion for each other, as well as conjuring up happier times and helping you to channel your grief into a specific piece. To ensure your bereavement jewellery doesn’t end up in a drawer, forgotten and unloved, consider compromises such as different types of jewellery with matching charms or symbols. Remember, when it comes to bereavement and moving through your journey of grief, you should always try to put yourself first.

It’s Environmental Impact

Cherishing the memory and life of a loved one can be considered bittersweet if your choice means a harsher impact on the environment. When searching for bereavement jewellery, your choice of vendor is just as important as the spiritual and self-healing properties of your unique item. Choosing a low-impact brand that keeps the environment in mind with low emissions, recyclable packaging and sustainably sourced or recycled metals, sends a thoughtful yet strong message: That the preservation of your loved ones’ memory, can also mean preserving the planet. Bereavement pieces that have been created without sustainability in mind, can counteract your desire to be more spiritually aware and enlightened.

Woman wearing the FIYAH Dreamcatcher ring and feather earrings

Why Is Bereavement Jewellery So Important?

When we lose someone close to us, it’s only natural for us to go through a difficult period of mourning and grief. From numbness and a complete emotional shutdown to yearning and searching for your loved one, the anger and raw despair that comes when your bond is seemingly fractured and the anguish at the thought of what you’ve lost. We all experience loss and bereavement differently and at a pace that is personal to us. There is no right or wrong way to experience loss. However, bereavement jewellery is often viewed as an emotional and spiritual aid that mourners can lean on for comfort, to strengthen the bonds between them and their loved one and rekindle the connections between their family and friends. Whether the loss of a loved one has left you questioning your spirituality, or the idea of losing those precious memories is keeping you awake at night, bereavement jewellery – while it may not fix everything – has the power to enhance your wellbeing and ensure that those cherished moments and happier times are immortalised forever. Whether you choose to wear them around your finger, your neck, or your wrist there’s no greater comfort than knowing your loved one’s memory is always close to you.

In Conclusion

The guidance above is the perfect starting point for those looking for enlightenment and for those who want to grieve in their own special way. Finding the right piece can seem a little overwhelming at first, so consider your personal values and what you hope to gain from your chosen, unique piece. Start your search for bereavement jewellery and rekindle your connections with your loved one.

Feather rings with jewellery boxes and poem cards