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The Talismans - Luna

The Talismans - Luna

The moon, or Luna, is surrounded by plenty of wonder and mystery. Our fascinations come from both its physical and spiritual properties. Its most poignant physical aspects being the harmonic way it coexists with the earth and the sun, controlling our tides and lighting up the sky at night. Spiritually, it is linked to many ideologies and religions and is even known to have power over human emotion.

The moon is the birth planet of the astrological sign Cancer, perhaps the most mysterious and emotionally lead of all the zodiac signs. When the moon is full, certain people with a strong connection to the planet might experience irrational behaviour or uncontrollable mood swings. The words lunatic and lunacy derive directly from this idea; we hear tales of men turning into beasts under the light of the full moon. But equally so, we can link the moon to balance, harmony and intuition.

FIYAH Moon NecklaceThe FIYAH Moon Necklace

The moon has in total eight phases in its monthly cycle. We can observe each day as it changes, growing bigger and brighter and then disappearing into darkness. From birth to death it repeats, as does the circle of life, reminding us that lightness cannot exist without the dark.

The crescent moon is what we most commonly see in jewellery design and has been a popular talisman for hundreds of years. This celestial phenomena is strongly linked to the Hindu religion, in particular the Hindu God Shiva who shares a close connection with the moon; he is depicted adorning a crescent on his crown in most of his visual representations.

The FIYAH Moon Phase Ring

This crescent shape can be seen in the sky during both the first quarterly and last quarterly phases. When the crescent can be seen on the right side of the moon it is in its waning phase, its earthly visibility shrinking. This moon phase is linked to letting go, surrender, release and contemplation. This is a good time for self reflection and letting go of things that may be holding you back in life and happiness.

When the crescent is on the left side of the moon, it is in its waxing phase; a time of growth. This phase is symbolic of birth, manifestation and attainment. This may be a good time of the month for taking action and channelling your energy towards achieving your personal goals.
The FIYAH Doublet Crescent Ring

In some cultures the moon is seen as a symbol for femininity and as the counterpart and balance of the masculine sun. Our moon is perceived as a luminary presence, however she does not produce light on her own accord; it is only by her pearly surface reflecting the light from the sun that she glows for us. It is no wonder that the relationship between the moon and the sun is one that is admired by many poets and philosophers.

“Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born,
Yours is the darkness of my soul’s return
-You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.”
- E.E.Cummings

In the context of love, moonlight provides the perfect ambience for a romantic setting, “I love you to the moon and back” is a widely uttered phrase to express deep feelings towards somebody. In the Victorian era, the crescent moon was a popular jewellery motif and more often than not it was gifted to couples on their wedding day. These pieces usually came as brooches and were made with floral details. The flowers represent honey and the crescent represents the moon. When presented together we complete the word honeymoon. Newlyweds would wear their brooches during honeymoons to signify that they had just been wed.

There is so much that can be said about the moon and the crescent, which is why at FIYAH we have used it as the focal point for some of our favourite designs. It proves to be a great gift to a friend, lover, or for yourself. When you wear your crescent talisman let it help promote emotional balance by reminding you that life is in a constant cycle of movement, no matter how dark times may get, light is always waiting just around the corner.