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The 12 Birthstones and Their Meanings

Depending on the month you were born, you will have an accompanying birthstone. Each of the twelve months of the year has one - or in many cases several - birthstones attached to it. 

In this blog, you’ll discover each of the twelve birthstones and the meaning behind their assorted range of characteristics, qualities, and properties. 

January Birthstone: Garnet 

Those born in January are treated to a gemstone with over 20 varieties and shades. Garnet comes in nearly every colour, with the most common shade being red. The gemstone symbolises energy and passion and is perfect for enhancing creativity.

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February Birthstone: Amethyst 

This precious purple quartz crystal is said to promote good health and prosperity and is said to make those who wear it more courageous. This healing stone is known all over the world for restoring the weakened energies of its owner.

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March Birthstone: Aquamarine 

Aquamarine is a blue variety of the mineral, Beryl. The healing powers associated with this vibrant gemstone are said to give the owner courage, confidence and help to smooth communication with others. It’s also believed that aquamarine can calm the owner and help return them to a natural, more content state of mind.

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April Birthstone: Diamond 

One of the most sought after and recognised gemstones around the world, Diamonds are the toughest gemstone in nature. They’re said to help empower the owner to overcome the different challenges that life presents. The beautiful stones are said to strengthen the soul to accomplish goals and aspirations.

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May Birthstone: Emerald 

Like Aquamarine, Emeralds belong to the Beryl family. The vivid green shades of this May birthstone represent the trees and plants found in natural environments. It's said that Emeralds can assist in purifying the mind, allowing for the freedom to thrive on the natural energy within.

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June Birthstone: Pearl and Alexandrite

Those born in June have two beautiful birthstones attached to the month. A Pearl is a glistening object produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusc. Legend dictates that they can heal the heart, calm the mind, and awaken deep thoughts within you. 

Alexandrite has been cherished by royals and noble families for many years. Named after the Russian tsar, Alexander II, this translucent June birthstone is thought to strengthen the aura of the owner and lead to victory in love when worn.

Shop FIYAH June Birthstone Jewellery.

July Birthstone: Ruby

This precious blood-red birthstone has a long history and is one of the most expensive stones on the market. Its value is determined by its colour, cut, clarity and carat. The most expensive ruby to ever be sold at auction was the Sunrise Ruby, which has been described as a “unique treasure of nature”, by the Swiss Gemmological Institute

Rubies are believed to help increase vitality and make people gain a more positive outlook on life.

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August Birthstone: Peridot 

Peridot is a translucent green gemstone, but the shade can vary depending on the country it's mined in. High-quality Peridot stones are said to carry the best spiritual properties. This August birthstone is known for returning clarity to the mind and organising your thoughts.

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September Birthstone: Sapphire 

If you want to realise a dream or build your future, a Sapphire is the stone to use. Sapphires are typically blue but can be found in many shades, including yellow, purple, orange, and green. The gemstone is also believed to promote inspiration and support the owner’s creativity by removing uncomfortable anxieties and fatigue due to stress.

Shop FIYAH September Birthstone Jewellery.

October Birthstone: Opal 

Opals are found all over the world and are arranged into two distinct groups: Common Opals and Precious Opals. Precious Opals are generally more sought after, due to the beautiful array of spectral colours visible through the stone. Whereas common Opal is more clouded and often found in shades of brownish-orange or green. 

This October birthstone is said to turn negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones. These gems are said to improve luck and aid in making aspirations a reality. Additionally, Opals are prized for having the power to strengthen the sixth sense and protect the owner from danger.

Shop FIYAH October Birthstone Jewellery.

November Birthstone: Topaz and Citrine 

Like those born in June, November possesses two attractive birthstones with powerful meanings and qualities. 

Topaz is a mineral that's found in abundance all over the globe. The commonly colourless stone is said to boost the connection between the owner and the heavens, enabling the user to understand the meaning behind life and thrive when presented with creative challenges. 

Citrine - previously known as Yellow Quartz - has historically been used for many years to embellish jewellery, weapons and clothing. This birthstone is believed to enrich your life by acting as an energy amplifier, relieving stress and negative emotions.

Shop FIYAH November Birthstone Jewellery.

December Birthstone: Turquoise, Tanzanite and Zircon

Those with December birthdays are treated to three different vibrant blue birthstones. 

Turquoise is probably the most popular December birthstone that has been prized for thousands of years. This renowned mineral is said to boost a person’s fortune and help to make communication smoother. Turquoise is said to sense the owner’s negative energy and help to bring it back to its optimal state. 

Tanzanite is a blue-violet gemstone that can only be found in a very small mining area in Tanzania, hence its name. In its rough state, this gemstone appears dark reddish-brown to completely translucent and requires heat treatment to reveal the beloved blue-violet stone. Tanzanite is said to awaken the owner’s potential and stimulate the energy deep within the body, enhancing a wide range of skills. 

The name Zircon is derived from the Persian term “zargun” which translates to “gold-hued”. The natural colour of this birthstone varies from clear and colourless to golden yellow, red, blue, brown and green. You should use Zircon if you get stressed or feel negative emotions to help balance out your energy. This precious birthstone is also said to bring out a person’s potential by stimulating mental growth.

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The Gift of Birthstones 

Apart from containing properties that help to heal the mind, body and soul, a birthstone set in a beautiful piece of jewellery is a wonderful way of making a person's birth month that little more special. View our FIYAH birthstone collection and find the perfect personalised gift you’ve been looking for today.