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Pisces Zodiac Star Sign: Everything You Need to Know

Pisces Zodiac Star Sign: Everything You Need to Know

Pisces is the twelve and final astrological sign in the zodiac calendar and is the star sign for those born between February 21st and March 20th. Those born into the Pisces constellation are said to be emotion-led and empathetic.

This loving zodiac is the last of the winter star signs and is ruled by the planet Neptune and represented by The Fishes. In this blog, discover the mythology, typical personality traits, beautiful birthstone, and more associated with the Pisces zodiac star sign

The Basics Behind the Pisces Zodiac Sign

Here are some quick facts about this compassionate star sign to get you started:

Symbol: The Fishes 

The constellation of Pisces is one of the oldest of the current zodiac and embodied by two fish, linked together for eternity. The fish represent Pisces' ability to exist in both the subconscious and conscious world. 

Element: Water

The water element is all about our emotions and the complex feelings they can have on a person. Pisces are known for being deeply sensitive souls and can forge strong connections between their feelings and the feelings of others. Like fish in the ocean, emotion can flow through a Pisces as a wave of intuition and empathy.

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Dreamy Neptune rules over the Pisces zodiac. In Roman mythology, Neptune was commonly known as the God of the Sea, harnessing the trident's power to influence the vast and flowing entity of the ocean. Neptune was believed to give Pisces the help to effortlessly swim through the realms of reality and spirituality, where the possibilities are endless. 

Birthstone: Amethyst 

Amethyst is a beautifully rich purple birthstone with a vibrant history dating back to Ancient Greece. This stone can help improve focus and sharpness with its powerful holistic healing properties that can be used for cleansing, meditating, and reaching a higher consciousness. Pisces babies are fortunate to have such a captivating gemstone attached to their birth month.

Flowers and Plants: Water Lilies

Pisces are often profoundly attuned to nature, in particular, they favour water-based flowers like Water Lilies to match their ocean-loving sign. Water lilies are symbolic of beauty and enlightenment, making them the perfect spiritual flower for this zodiac sign. 

What are the Personality Traits of a Pisces?

Gentle, caring, kind, and always ready to lend a hand, Pisces can be a valuable friend for those with patience. However, a Pisces behaviour can change depending on who they're with, as they so readily let the different energies of others flow through them, influencing their emotions. 

People born under the Pisces zodiac are often dreamers and possess a vivid imagination. Primarily inward-facing, Pisces' are far from self-absorbed but are often just absorbed in their own thoughts. Often, Pisces' doubt their intelligence because society places higher importance on 'structured learning'. This approach is more suited to personalities who are good at analysing and remembering data, rather than emotion-led arguments formed based on feelings that not many other star signs have the pleasure of understanding. 

Traditionally, water and earth signs are the most compatible with Pisces. However, there's a fine line between what a Pisces wants and needs in a partner. They want to be empowered through love and whisked away on romantic getaways whilst feeling grounded by their partner when their boundlessness gets in the way of healthy boundaries. 

Intuition and Imagination is a Powerful Combination 

Overall, Pisces are compassionate and thoughtful, with many emotion-led traits to match. They will always lend a supportive hand if needed and can be a loyal companion and partner, but they equally value time on their own to lose themselves in endless daydreams.

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