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How to Sympathise with Someone who is Grieving

How to Sympathise with Someone who is Grieving

When someone we love passes away, we get time to say goodbye through a service dedicated to their life and passing. But when that event is over, the emptiness we feel doesn’t simply go away. Continuing to remember and honour our loved ones, through permanent remembrance can soothe our pain.

Sympathising with Someone who is Grieving: Messages, Gifts and Ways to Support Them

Anyone who has experienced a loss, will know that the journey that follows is one of deep reflection, pain and is ultimately, incredibly personal. And while we don’t want to tread on eggshells around a friend, the fear of getting it wrong, or saying the wrong thing can often lead to the ones they need the most stepping away from the situation and inadvertently causing more pain. Finding ways to express sympathy for the loss of a son, or another close family member can bring all kinds of confusion for friends who aren’t a part of the family unit.

 Thankfully, offering your condolences with a sympathy message for a sudden loss of a husband or for someone who is mourning the loss of a parent doesn't have to mean putting your foot in it. There are multiple ways you can step up during this time of emotional upheaval and support your friend through this heart-wrenching journey. Let’s take a closer look at the different ways you can sympathise with someone who is grieving.

Feather birthstone rings in a display

Write The Perfect Message

No one is ever prepared for the loss of a loved one and often the simplest and most heartfelt way you can offer your condolences is with a carefully crafted message of support and love. Whether you need a sympathy message for sudden loss of a husband or something that warms the heart of someone who has lost a grandparent, a meticulously worded yet heartfelt message can ensure you don’t say the wrong thing, that you share your grief and offer your support during this difficult time.

 Showing how much you care doesn’t always mean grand gestures, often it’s the little things that make the difference during this time of great emotional upheaval. Feeling tongue-tied? You’ll find plenty of inspiration for sympathy messages for the loss of a husband online, or speak from the heart and you’ll soon find that the right words will come.

Feather birthstone rings display

Sympathy Gift Basket

For others, actions can speak louder than words. And putting together a sympathy gift basket is a wonderfully thoughtful way to encompass all your thoughts, your support, and your condolences into one heartfelt gift. Let’s explore some sympathy gift basket ideas to make, and what could be included, here.

Something Spiritual

Your friend will be desperate to maintain the bonds that they had with their loved one, therefore including some sympathy gifts for loss of mother or another family member, with a spiritual essence can bring peace, solace and comfort during this difficult time.

  • Memorial jewellery such as Angelic Rings, necklaces and bracelets. 
  • A candle to burn in the window. 
  • Jewellery that helps them feel connected to the Angels, such as Feather Bracelets. 
  • Spiritual gifts that bring protection from negative forces, such as Birthstone Rings.

Support and Grief Resources

In time, your friend may be looking for an outlet to discuss their emotions and their work through their grieving journey. Whether it’s with you, family, a qualified councillor or helpline. Including support and grief resources in your care package for a grieving friend can make this process easier and more accessible to them.

  • Include information about local support groups.
  • Books or leaflets about grief and the grieving journey.
  • A note to let them know that you’re there if they need to talk or if they want someone to accompany them to any counselling sessions.
  • A Bereavement Jewellery Guide, containing advice on how to choose their own memorial jewellery and how they can take comfort from it.

Something Comforting

We all seek comfort in different ways, and when a loved one is going through the grieving process, sometimes the simplest way to show sympathy and to support them during this emotional time is by bringing a little physical comfort. Consider adding these comforting additions to your sympathy gift basket.

  • A weighted blanket to minimise anxiety and stress.
  • Essential oils to bring calm.
  • Bath bombs and soothing bath products.
  • Scented candles.
  • A journal and stationery to help them pinpoint their emotions.

Everyone might be different – but you know your friend best. Therefore, use your intuition for the best sympathy gift basket ideas to make.

Flame ring with white flowers

Sympathy Gifts

We all manage grief differently and finding the right gesture for a friend who is in the throes of heartache and anguish is one of the most difficult gifts to give. Again, you’ll know what kind of gift is best for your loved one whether it's sympathy sentiments for the loss of a son, or your friend has lost a parent, expressing your support and sympathies through a thoughtful gesture can open the lines of communication and remind them that they’re not alone. Gifts of food and toiletries can help them through the grieving process, while beautiful, hand-crafted memorial jewellery can keep the memory and connections to a loved one alive. Whichever way you want to show your support, these sympathy gifts for the loss of a mother, or for another tragic loss can help communicate your love and ultimately allow the gifts to do the talking for you.

  • A lovingly crafted memorial necklace.
  • A personalised photo book, containing happy memories of their loved one.
  • An object that belonged to a loved one – framed and memorialised .
  • Self-care items, so they can look after themselves.

Other Ways You Can Offer Your Sympathies

For some, a sympathy message for the sudden loss of a husband isn’t enough. They know that a practical gesture will perhaps be better received than an emotionally charged one. Perhaps they have children at home that they’re focusing on and they’re neglecting themselves, or they have too much on their plate emotionally and they’re also trying to organise a funeral – whatever their current situation, a practical and helpful sympathy gesture is a wonderful way to provide support during this difficult time.  

Run Some Errands

Whether it’s picking up some prescriptions, going to the supermarket, walking the dog, even washing clothes, getting them dry and keeping the house clean. Running errands and picking up some household chores is an understated and pragmatic way to share your sympathies and offer support. During the grieving process, it’s all too easy for individuals to be overwhelmed with sympathy for the loss of a son, flowers, cards and constant phone calls from relatives wanting to pass on a sympathy message for the loss of a husband. Therefore, a practical approach can be refreshing and much needed.

Something for The Children

A loss within the family is a difficult time for anyone, but with young children in the house, it can be particularly confusing and distressing. Whether the family loss is one that affects them deeply or not, it’s important to remember the little ones also need support. Maybe their parents are struggling to keep everything as normal as possible, or they’re struggling emotionally and they need a helping hand, stepping up to help is a selfless way to show support. Even if they don’t take you up on your proposal of childcare or assistance, a simple offer is always well received. Consider the following: 

  • Offer to take the children out for afternoons/mornings.
  • Offer childcare support.
  • Cook meals for the kids.
  • Create a care package just for them, filled with activities, crayons, comforters and books.

Supporting Them During This Journey

Grief is a process, and while you may not be able to accompany your friend on this treacherous and emotionally charged journey, the right sympathy gesture and condolence gift can help give them support and even help them find solace during this heart-breaking time. Remember, a sympathy gift basket or sympathy gifts for loss of mother isn’t where your support should end. Remember to continue to help and check in with your loved one, regularly.

Female family members holding hands wearing FIYAH jewellery

In Conclusion 

Just like grief, remembrance is an incredibly personal part of the bereavement process. Whether you choose to immortalise and commemorate your loved one with an annual family celebration or share your connection and spirituality with your siblings through personalised remembrance jewellery, there is no right or wrong approach. You must do whatever you feel is right. If you’re struggling to find the perfect form of remembrance for your loved one, don’t panic. Consider how they might want you to remember them, or reach out to family and friends and consider a collaborative approach such as remembrance bracelets or matching rings. Whatever you choose, remember, the sadness and sorrow that death brings may never fully go away, but with remembrance, your memories and your loved one’s legacy can live on, forever.