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Angelic Inspired Jewellery

Angelic Inspired Jewellery

During times when it's hard to be thankful and at peace with the world, angels can offer us protection and guidance when we need it the most. It's said angels protect you from demons and offer direction when we encounter emotional, physical, or spiritual challenges in life.

These heavenly helpers are mentioned in holy scriptures throughout history, and countless people all around the globe can recount stories of meeting their guardian angel. It's believed that the mission of an angel is to support humankind and help us navigate life until we pass over to the heavenly realm.

So, wearing angelic inspired jewellery can act as a delicate reminder that your guardian angel is close to your heart, watching over as your travel through your chosen path in life.

Why Should You Wear Angelic Inspired Jewellery?

Wearing angelic inspired jewellery symbolises an angel's protection, compassion, purity, and love. It's a reminder that your guardian angel is always within your presence, acting as your guide through all of life's challenges.

Angels have one mission on Earth; to keep humanity safe. Wearing jewellery associated with angels can convey positivity and peace that you must openly embrace to harness the strength you have within.

At FIYAH, our stunning Angel Ring helps you to feel at peace as it graciously adorns your finger. Cast in sterling silver, the adjustable ring is luxurious and comfortable whilst sending a continual reminder that you're loved and supported.

Shop: FIYAH Angel Ring, £49

Feathers and Angels Share a Connection

Feathers can symbolise many different things but are often closely associated with angels.

They are considered one of the most divine things God has ever created and are connected with holiness and purity. Just like a bird, a feather breezes freely through the infinite sky, acting as a reminder that, as humans, we can rise above any limitations and barriers to see what truly matters in life.

It's been said that angels hint at their presence on Earth by leaving behind a feather, and if you find one, it's because God requested the angel to leave it for you as a reminder that the divine power is protecting you from any risky avenues.

Check out the attractive Dainty Angel Wing Heart Necklace from the FIYAH angel collection! The winged hearts symbolise ascension and love. If you're free-spirited, this necklace is the perfect way to show your soulful nature. 

Shop: Dainty Angel Wing Heart Necklace, £39


Angel Wings Symbolise Freedom

Angel wings summon feelings of purity and offer a connection to the divine realm. It's believed an angel has wings to travel through the different dimensions in their "light body", which acts as their vehicle between heaven and Earth.

The wing of an angel offers a comforting message of freedom, power, and strength. If you feel a warm cushion of energy engulf your body, it could be the wings of an angel wrapped gently wrapped around you, presenting you with a reassuring safety blanket.

Available in both sterling silver and gold-coated sterling silver, the Adjustable Angel Wing Bracelet is refined and sleek, yet the intricate detailing makes the piece shine. Wearing this bracelet on your wrist is a gentle reminder that an angel is always by your side, offering hope and encouragement should you ever need it.

Feel Empowered and Protected Wearing Angelic Jewellery

So, why not explore the option of wearing angelic inspired jewellery today and encourage freedom within your heart and mind. Experience the support and guidance for living your life freely, without constraints or tension. Delight in the presence of an angel, as they're here to offer their love and support in these trying times.

FIYAH Angel Collection

Shop: The Angel Collection, From £39

Angel wing necklace on a female