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The Complete Guide to the November Birthstone

Your birthstone represents the month you were born, so, for all those November babies out there, you have two birthstones attached to the month – Topaz and Citrine. Both of these November birthstones are exceptionally vibrant and beautiful and are said to carry several benefits for the mind, body, and soul. 

With this compact guide, you'll discover everything you need to know about these enchanting birthstones. 

The History of Topaz and Citrine

Topaz is a gemstone that - in its cut and polished form - has widely been used to make jewellery all over the world for thousands of years. 

Like most gemstones, Topaz is an abundant mineral found within the cavities of igneous rocks, such as granite. It can be found in many various countries, ranging from the Scottish Highlands to Japan.

Once known as yellow quartz, the birthstone Citrine gained its name in 1556. The name derives from the French word "citrin" which translates to “lemon-coloured”. Since its discovery, Citrine has been used as a decorative gemstone that adorned sword handles, brooches, and pins. This exceptional stone was also said to be a favourite of Queen Victoria. 

What Colour is the November Birthstone? 


In its natural state, Topaz is generally colourless but certain element impurities can make it more of a pale blue (the most popular shade) or a deep golden brown to rich yellow-orange (which is commonly known as Imperial Topaz). Traditionally, Orange Topaz is more closely associated with November and is the most widely used in jewellery making. 

The rarest shades of Topaz are generally natural pinks and deep reds. Burnt Topaz, often known as the “Brazilian Ruby” is a popular stone formed by exposing yellow Brazilian Topaz to heat, resulting in a luscious deep red stone.


Natural Citrine is one of the rarer stones within the Quartz family - where gemstones are made of a hard crystalline mineral composed of silica. Quartz gemstones can come in a wide variety of colours but, when it comes to Citrine – you can expect to find warm colour tones that closely resemble honey, cinnamon, and burnt orange.

The Spiritual Meaning Behind the November Birthstone

Depending on the era or geographical location, the spiritual meaning of Topaz and Citrine can differ. 

Topaz is Effective in Cleansing the Aura

During the Middle Ages, it was believed Topaz had the power to remove dark magic spells and feelings of hatred and anger. Nowadays, the gemstone is celebrated for its mellow, soothing properties that heal and recharge the soul. As well as its aura aligning properties, Topaz is adored for its power to boost confidence and share our knowledge with others. 

However, the different varieties of Topaz do carry their own specific qualities. For example:  

Blue Topaz – allows us to attune to the higher self and see where we may have strayed from our path. 

Imperial Topaz – is said to help recharge our spiritual and emotional systems with help to improve our optimism. 

Clear Topaz – gives clarity on how our thoughts have affected others and can purify our emotions. 

Pink Topaz – carries the power of hope and helps us to soften our resistance to change. 

Citrine: Vitamin C for the Soul 

Citrine is said to fill your life with positive energy thanks to the warm yellow hues – thought to represent joy and abundance. The birthstone is said to help realign energies and keep us on the right path. 

By carrying and connecting with this humble stone, it's said that you can harness the powerful energy offered up by the sun. Plus, if placed within a cash register or money box, Citrine is said to bring prosperity. 

Harness the Power of Topaz and Citrine

Citrine and Topaz are both powerful and affordable options to help enhance a happy and successful life. View our FIYAH birthstone collection and harness the unique mood-boosting properties of these November gems.

The Perfect Gift for November Babies

Birthstone jewellery can make the perfect personalised gift for any special occasion. Each piece of jewellery from the FIYAH birthstone collection comes complete with a poem card and luxury gift box.

Shop our Birthstone Collection today and find the perfect gift for your loved one or a treat to yourself from you to you.