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The Complete Guide to the January Birthstone

The Complete Guide to the January Birthstone

January represents the start of the new year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. For many, this new year brings a new sense of purpose and ambition for the year ahead. It's said that a large part of our "oneness" and persona is linked to the time of year we were born. Those born in January share three powerful and protective birthstones: Garnet, Onyx, and Jasper.

In this blog, we'll explain everything you need to know about these magnificent January birthstones, from their bold colours to their spiritual and emotional meanings.

The Origins of Garnet, Onyx, and Jasper

These three birthstones have a rich history. Here are some intriguing facts about the origins of these gems:


  • There are six minerals belonging to the Garnet family, all with different colours and properties.
  • The word Garnet comes from the Latin word "Garanatus", which means "seedlike". This is a reference to a pomegranate and the bright red seeds they carry. 


  • Onyx is one of the earliest Gems mentioned in the bible. It's speculated that the wedding ring of the Virgin Mary and Joseph was set with Onyx. 
  • Romans would carve Onyx into trinkets in the shape of the Greek gods; Mars and Hercules, as they believed it made the wearer courageous. 


  • Jasper is a member of the quartz family and is found in various colours. Skilled jewellers can make Jasper earrings or necklaces that take into account the detailed patterning of the birthstone. 
  • Jasper comes from the French word, 'j'espère', which means 'I hope'. 

What Colour is the January Birthstone? 

Garnet, Onyx, and Jasper are magnificent gemstones found in a rich range of shades and colours. These three stones have been lovingly used in jewellery making for many centuries due to their unique and attractive characteristics.

January birthstone colour wheel


Garnet is unearthed in a whole range of beautiful shades and colours, so those born in January are lucky to have such diverse gemstones attached to their birth. The six minerals within the Garnet family range from a deep red stone called Almandine (the most popular form of Garnet) to orange-coloured stones dotted with specs of yellow and brown known as Spessartite, to olive green and smoky black stones named Andradite. 


Most people identify the colour of this gemstone with the colour black. However, there are many Onyx shades, including white, sardonyx (a cinnamon-brown stone), blue, and green. The different varieties of Onyx all have their healing powers and properties that are said to help cleanse and purify the aura.


Jasper gemstones can have excellent contrasting colours and speckles unique to each stone. Jasper is mainly associated with a deep earthy terracotta red. However, it can also be found in brown, green, yellow, plus shades of purple and blue. 

The Spiritual Meaning Behind the January Birthstone

Garnet is an energising stone that promotes the flow of energy around your body – specifically when it comes to attracting passion and success in life. The stone is said to remove emotional blocks that inhibit your vitality. Carrying Garnet helps the wearer to stay relaxed as it transforms negative thoughts into positive ones.

For thousands of years, Onyx has been used as a protective stone. All varieties of Onyx are said to encourage spiritual awakenings that support personal growth. The black variety of Onyx is said to echo the night's stillness. It will promote deep feelings of personal empowerment from facing challenges in your dreams and nightmares.

Jasper is considered a powerful protective stone in the spiritual and physical world. In Egypt, these gemstones were buried with mummies to help ensure safe passage to the afterlife. More frequently, Jasper has been used to encourage vitality and strength and assist with cutting out bad habits, such as smoking. The healing stone is said to help remove harmful toxins from your body and help you breathe a new lease of life. 

Heal with Garnet, Onyx, and Jasper 

Garnet, Onyx, and Jasper are all impressive gemstones that can help to enhance and support your life. They have the power to add clarity to your thoughts and keep your energy levels in check for a settled and happy soul.

Check our birthstone collection and harness the unique healing properties of these January gems.

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